Chorale Africa Membership

Chorale Africa is a unique and special family. We are always excited  to welcome new members committed to our vision of building the leading choir in Africa. We expect our members to display the highest level of commitment to the mission of the institution and exemplify the core values of Leadership, Professionalism and Excellence.Membership in Chorale Africa is highly competitive and stringent. Applicants are evaluated on several criteria including  Vocal and musical ability; Understanding of the institution’s vision and strategic objectives; and Social/emotional/physical fitness.We aim to provide our members with a Welfare Package that is second to none. We also make time to have fun and we support each other as a family. That is the family we are. 

Path to Membership


Every prospective member under goes a three-phased audition prior prior to joining the institution and choir.  Except for emergencies, auditioning for the choir will be undertaken in January and June i.e. two semesters for a year. Any chorister who has been accepted after auditioning is eligible to become a member of the choir.


Every prospective member of Chorale Africa must undergo a rigorous Membership Training Program irrespective of prior training, experience and exposure. The essence of the training is to ensure that every member of the group achieves a minimum level of competence required to perform satisfactorily. This initial training is also requisite fundamental for future training and development within the group. 


Every Associate Member shall serve a three (3) month probationary period after which the group if satisfied with the attitude and performance of the Associate Member shall confirm him/her as a Chorale Africa Member. The probation period is to ensure that each Chorale Africa Member fully imbibes the group’s Core Values.


Audition Guide, Process and Evaluation

We heartily welcome you to be part of this unique and special family. Carefully read the Audition Guide prior to completing the Online Audition Form. The special privilege of being part of the Chorale Africa family requires the enthusiasm of a volunteer and the discipline and responsibility of a professional. Although an all-volunteer ensemble, Chorale Africa performs on a regular basis in the professional arenas of broadcasting, recording, public event and concertizing. Chorale Africa will perform before a world-wide audience, hence our quest for consistently excellent performance. To perform at such a high level with limited rehearsal time requires intense effort and commitment. By completing the Online Audition Form, you commit wholeheartedly to the Vision, Mission and Core Values of Chorale Africa. 

Online Application 

All Applicants must complete an Online Audition Form. Chorale Africa actively promotes the use technology to drive efficiency in all its operations. Hard copies of Audition Forms will not be made available. The following documents should be scanned and attached to an email and send to

1.     A passport sized picture

2.     A current copy of your CV

3.     Copy of your Recorded Vocal Audition

4. Any other information you deem relevant to your application.

 Recorded Vocal Audition

Hearing your voice and vocal capabilities is a critical step in the audition process. Guidelines for your recording will be sent to your email address upon submission of the Online Application Form. 

Recorded Vocal Auditions will NOT be returned to applicants. RVAs can be submitted on a CD/Flash drive that can be played on a regular sound system. 

Applicants should allow themselves sufficient time to make the recording and check it by playing it back on more than one sound system (car, CD player, etc.) 

 Musical Skills Assessment 

The Musical Skills Assessment is designed to measure Applicant’s aptitude in music and related concepts which are essential to choral singing. Advanced study in music theory is not required to obtain the scores necessary to advance to the In-person Auditions. However, a thorough understanding of music fundamentals measured on the assessment includes Notation of Pitch; Basic Scales; Time Division; Major Scales; Minor Scales;  Note and Rest Values; Time Signatures; Key Signatures; Intervals; and Triads.

Areas to be covered during the Musical Skills Assessment includes the following: Music Fundamentals; Tonal Memory; Melody Recognition; Pitch Recognition; Major-Minor Mode Discrimination; Feeling for Tonal Center (key tone, key center); Auditory-Visual Discrimination; Musical Aptitude

 In Person Audition

For the In-Person Audition, Applicants will be asked to prepare and sing the melody line of a hymn of choice in the vocal range of the part for which they are auditioning and in the key of their choice. An accompanist will be provided.

 In addition, there will be a general survey of vocal and musical abilities, which will cover the following areas:

  • Musical memory (the ability to hear, retain, and reproduce musical examples)
  • Rhythmic proficiency.
  • Sight singing · Singing while four parts are played in the accompaniment · Singing a single line without accompaniment.
  • Determination of voice part.
  • General survey of musical abilities for which no special preparation is necessary.