Chorale Africa

…excellence inspired

About Us

Chorale Africa is a choir of excellence. Our mission is ‘to enrich life and influence culture by performing music from different cultures and periods at the highest level of artistic excellence.’ We are poised to be the leading choir in Africa within the next 5 years.

The choir displays artistic excellence through detailed attention to the major aspects of performance including the ensemble, singing, choreography, among others.

Impacting society with our music and performances is very dear to us and we will embark of life-changing social impact programs and activities in 2018 and beyond. Our choir will be built on a commitment to professionalism, excellence and social impact.

From December 2017 and every year thereafter, Chorale Africa will lead and host “The Creator’s Tribute”, an evening of awesome celebration in honour of The Creator.

Chorale Africa will thrive on the strength of partnership and support from people like you and we look forward to your support as we pursue our vision ‘to be the leading choir in Africa….’

Our People

The choir is made up of passionate semi-professional as well as professional musicians and singers who are committed the core values of Excellence, Leadership and Professionalism.

Chorale Africa operates in an environment where our members have the opportunity of developing their musical and personal competencies in order to be worthy ambassadors of this unique brand.

We provide a highly challenging environment where every singer or musician at any level of competence strives for consistent and constant improvement of both their personal abilities as well as the collective.The choir provides an intensive training for young people to grow and develop in a very open and fun-filled environment, without compromising the standards and principles necessary for the development of their abilities and talents.


We intend to inspire the world through African-themed music and captivating performances featuring masterpieces of choral classics, contemporary works and new compositions.

The choir prepares and performs a wide cross-section of repertoire. Music is drawn from all periods of history, representing many styles from medieval to modern, classical to folk and gospel.

The Creator’s Tribute

Unimaginably Magnificence!
Immeasurable Grandeur!
Awesome Beauty!

The Creator’s Tribute is an evening of awesome choral celebration in honour of The Creator of the universe.

The Creator’s magnificence, awesomeness and immeasurable wonder deserves our very highest celebration and worship!  ‘The Creator’s Tribute’ is our flagship event and it will be  celebrated annually commencing in 2018. 

We are excited to welcome you to the maiden event on Sunday January 28, 2018.  Limited seats available. Kindly reserve yours now.